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Alfa concrete walls offers a wide range of precast walls. These are all cast concrete walls that are prefabricated at our factory and then installed on your premises.

As a result installation of prefab cement walls is instant with no mess to your premises.

Subsequently we offer the lowest prefab walls prices and the best concrete wall ideas on the market.

We also do repairs and extensions to all our vibracrete walls



Our Louver precast wall services are a tried and tested and has been serving the South Africa for  55 years. Contact us now for a hassle free experience. Also known as stop nonsense walls it is surely the most popular and least expensive boundary walling method in Pretoria. 

Preformed concrete walls gets manufactured and erected in an express manner and is therefore a very low price per meter of securing and surrounding you property with instant security, privacy and beauty.

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The Block brick prefab walls has a larger block pattern than the Small Brick concrete walling pattern. The wide block smooth finish texture contributes to the naturally authentic look of this beautiful stop nonsense fence. This concrete fence is ideal for most aesthetic requirements suited for projects and architectural styles from Santon to Centurion that incorporate large, bold rectangular shapes. We can install this preformed concrete wall with or without a bar top. This vibracrete wall can be painted very affectively. The blocks one colour and the valleys another color. At the same precast wall price per meter as a prefab louver wall.

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Great alternative to traditional brick wall at the much lower price! We use real bricks casted in the vibracrete pattern. This type of boundary wall with the face bricks on the side and two or three louver pattern on the back is also quick to install.

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Brickcrete precast walls is base on a new concept that is visually and structurally an improvement on any other precast walling fence product in its class at a very competitive and affordable price. 

The mission and  aim of Brickcrete concrete wailing, is to provide our clients with the best quality and service available, in the vibracrete fencing field.

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Our  Stonefence precast walls provides the appearance and warmth of natural hand-laid stone with clefts and crevices at substantially less cost.  Stonefence imparts a lively yet subdued pattern to the landscape.

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Wood Crete precast walls was the first concrete fence of its kind to be introduced to the market more than 30 years ago. It quickly earned a place on the landscape by providing the visual impact of crafted wood and the longevity of concrete; however, today it is mostly forgotten.  

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ALFA‘s heavy duty precast Concrete Palisade fencing is a high quality security system suitable for any walling application.  A few use it on their residential stands but the more common and typical applications include fencing-off national roads, suburbs, schools, sensitive sites and industrial premises.

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Wall extensions, wall repairs, raizor wire addons and gates

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Quick Service and expertise. Alfa precast concrete walls pretoria and jhb

Installing a precast concrete wall is quick and clean.  It is ideal for many applications and with the wide range of precast walling choices or a bit of ingenuity can look as good as any other type of wall or fence. We service Pretoria and Johannesburg.