stonefence precast walls

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Stonefence precast wall system provides the appearance and warmth of natural hand-laid stone with clefts and crevices at substantially less cost. Stonefence precast walls imparts a lively yet subdued pattern to the landscape.

In addition all of our designer prefab fences, the textural definition is naturally enhanced by the changing light of the sun. The deep texture contributes to noise reduction along busy thoroughfares when installed as a vibracrete sound barrier or screen wall. It is also a welcomed visual enhancement to property owners adjacent to the road.

Furthermore our Stonefence is used in a variety of projects to create a beautiful perimeter wall at a great price. More and more projects are replacing concrete block with our Stonefence durawall system.

So it looks great, is priced right, and is essentially maintenance free.

More importantly, our fences can be quickly repaired without the need for heavy equipment and high labor bills.

Finally let us show you how to enhance your next project with our superior fencing system.

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For our customers in Johannesburg you can visit Alfa Exclusive walls in Jhb south.

Stonefence precast walls