LOUVER PRE CAST WALLS(available in eco)

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Our Louver precast concrete stop nonsense walls are a tried and tested walling method that has been serving Pretoria for the last 55 years. These walls is surely the most popular and affordable walling method in Pretoria.  

Affordability is key when it comes to our louver precast concrete walls. Due to our bulk buying from our suppliers  we can offer best prices available in the vibracrete walling market. Our installation teams are also very efficient and can install up to 30m of prefab walling per day with one team. Add everything up and you have a superior quality low cost precast concrete wall that will beat all our competitors hands down.

For the more discerning customer we also offer Brickcrete walls. These walls are double sided and gives the same aesthetic quality of a brick wall at a fraction of the price. We also serve the whole Johannesburg area.

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