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General Questions

Yes. We can assist with wall extentions. Please give us a call or leave us a message and we will get back to you

It all depends on the foundation. But normally, 300mm -600mm is not a problem.

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Installation related questions

When placing the order, please tell us when you would like the wall. We will make a plan to help you ASAP.

It all depends on how many teams you book. One team can install 30 meters per day. Thus if you have 89 meters 1.8 meter high wall to be done in one day, please tell us you would like to have it done in one day. And we will supply you with 3 concrete wall installation teams for that day.

Yes we can. Provided it is still in good nick.

No. The walls were designed to 2.45 meters high. And was tested by the SABS up to 2.45 meters. Our Moulds only allow casting of 3 meter poles. If a company supplies you with a taller wall it is not legal.

Yes. Please ask us when we do a quote for you.


Cost & Prrice related Questions

Yes. We will use your old poles and slabs, and ad new slabs and concrete poles where needed, at minimal extra cost.

Yes we can. Normally we will install these at the same price as standard slabs. Please ask your salesman.

Yes. Place order, one week in advance.

Yes. Have a look at our price list.

No. It is 7.5% more expensive.

The Installation price imay be adjusted for the cost of travel depending of the distance from our factory.but estimated cost for a room size of 3 x3 m and 2.4m high using our current price list cost estimate would be from;

  1. R 22 500- for the whole precast wall room from top to bottom ;next added room -approximately R21 000;

  2. R 9 500 – for  installed walls and made  window and a door. next added  room –approximately R7600;

  3. R 7 800 if you purchase materials from us and build the rooms yourself ; next added room approximately R 6000. 

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