Why replace a Semi-Clinker boundry wall with a Brickcrete concrete precast wall.


Why replace a Clinker boundary wall with a Brick Crete Precast Wall?

Brick walls can be costly and time-consuming to create and keep standing. At R 1200/meter for a single Semi-Clinker wall, at R440/meter for a Brick Crete concrete wall, it comes in at a fraction of the price.

Brick Crete provides the classic visual impact of weatherworn "used" brick in an affordable product that is fast and easy to construct and has a virtually unlimited longevity.

Brick Crete features rounded edges with chipped and pitted details that closely resemble real bricks. The pattern and texture is an excellent match for existing brick structures and creates a classic ambiance that complements the landscape. Tongue and groove design ensures non-visible panel links.

What is the difference between Brickcrete and normal precast walls?

·         Brickcrete provides a patterned texture on both sides.

·         Brickcrete is stronger and thicker than conventional precast walling.

·         Invisible panel interlock on coloured Brickcrete.

·         With Brickcrete you have an option of a cap rail and cap trim.

Technical Information:

Walls are installed according to these heights: 1500mm, 1800mm, 2100mm & 2400mmm

Concrete reaches strength of 30mpa after 30 days.

The products is cast with a maximum definition and minimum tolerance, so that no further treatment is necessary.

Poles: 4x4-7mm spring steel (depending on height)
Panels: 2 x 4mm spring steel.

Foundation: 350mm x 350mm & poles are planted 600mm deep.

Double sided concept- Our double sided Brickcrete tan, multi, plum and beige walls are precision moulded.

On our bi sided brickcrete walls tolerance between poles and slabs are very low so that no further finishing are required.

Tongue and groove design on double sided brickcrete walls ensures an invisible panel interlock resulting in a strong solid wall that looks like a built brick wall.

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