At the time of writing this Newsletter the Year has officially tipped off to its second half. 183 days done, another 183 to go. This made us reflect on how much precast wall distance have we cover since the beginning of the year, and how many more we still have in front us?

Well, before I hit the wall with trying to figure that out and devise a complicated maths formula (which I am not too keen on doing) I had to remind myself to keep it simple and more importantly, relevant to our precast wall customers.

So, I asked myself what are the two most frequent and important questions our clients ask when it comes to Installation of precast concrete wall?

 You most probably would ask these questions too;

1.       When can you do the wall installation?

By the time you ask us this you have already met with our friendly Sales Reps, you are settled on the wall style and the height of the wall and

you know what perimeter you need to cover;

You received your Quotation and paid 50% of deposit. You sleep with one eye open and a panic button handy, worrying about

 that gap opened by the tree roots or stressing over the news that few houses down the street from you a wall was jumped over.


 You don’t want it to be your house next.


At this point you need your precast wall and you need it now!


We understand, and we will do our best to book the installation in shortest possible time after our quote is accepted and deposit paid.


For your planning you can bargain on roughly on one to two week waiting period before your precast wall in Pretoria Area is installed.

Add another one weeks for Concrete Palisade fencing as these kind of precast wall fencing projects are normally in access of 1000 meters and hence take a bit longer to complete as we see the project to the finish before we take on another one.


 This leads me to the second question on precast walls installation rate per day. So, you ask;


2.       How much can you install per day?

Just recently I ask the same question while I was driving past a Brick wall construction site in Pretoria East suburb on my way to work at Alfa Concrete Walls.

It was Monday and builders were early on the site, demolishing an existing brick wall to make way to a new one. I estimated the wall to be roughly 20m long.


Day after day I saw the builders were on site and the coming Friday the wall was complete.  That is 2 weeks for 20 meters. O my word!!!


Rubble was still to be collected and the site cleaned.

This should take at least another day.


NOW, If I was a better neighbour and advised them to go with Precast concrete wall, how much quicker would have the same perimeter be done?


Have a guess?


Believe it or not It would take an average team one day!


At the Installation rate per day for Precast concrete walls of 30 running meters there is even enough time to clean up the rubble too!

For Concrete Palisade fencing rate of fully completed fence averages at 150 to 200 meters per week.

Don’t even ask how many Tons of Precast material per week that is?! It’s rather heavy subject; 😊


Now that you know how long it takes to build a precast wall make that phone call and book your Installation.

Happy walling!





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