Precast Walls in Pretoria


In the Pretoria precast wall industry, a lot have changed over the last 10 years. Concrete walling companies numbered more than 16 precast wall suppliers 10 years ago, today there is less than half of the walling suppliers left.

Well known Suppliers like AAA Concrete Walls, Des Art Walls, Micky Finn Walling and Bi-Sided walling all closed.

The main reason according to us is twofold.

One, the smaller and more ridged concrete walling companies, did not adjust to new market trends as well as demographics of the Pretoria, Midrand, Centurion and Pretoria North area. Nor where they may by ready to handle the economic down turn of 2007 & 2008

Two, a lot of these concrete walling companies were family owned businesses, with no succession planning.


What did it mean for the precast wall industry of Pretoria.


That there are virtually 5 to 6 wall companies left. BUT there were close to 20 installation teams in 2007 and today there is still 20 precast installation teams.  So smaller precast factories disappeared, and large well-established precast wall companies emerged. Alfa Concrete walls currently have 8 precast wall installation teams on the road. Exclusive walls have 2. So that means 2 walling companies have 50% of the precast wall share today.


This is a good thing for the consumer on the street, it means that faster more reliable service can be expected in the Pretoria concrete walling industry. In 2006 nobody had online precast walling price lists, today more and more companies has. Customers can now compare wall for wall!


This trend has been seen in Johannesburg as well. Companies like East Rand Walling and Country Wide walling has grown exponentially due to same phenomenon.


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