Precast Concrete Wall Extensions at Affordable Prices in Pretoria

ALFA Walls can extend your precast concrete wall for you, wall extensions rise the height of your vibracrete wall. We receive a lot of calls about Wall extensions, and the main question is; how do we do it? Precast Concrete walls are cast in to prefabricated slab panels, which are 300mm in height each. A 600mm high concrete slab is also made for the DIY market. These slabs slot into the concrete posts. The design makes the installation of the wall extension quick and easy!

Step 1; visually inspect your current precast wall. Asses if there is any mayor damage. Are our concrete posts still upright and without any mayor defaults. Wall extensions can only be added to a wall that is sturdy and in good condition.  Please remember, an extend a wall does not fix your original wall faults, we only ad height on to your wall. Repair work to the original precast wall will have to be done before a wall extension by ALFA Concrete Walls in Pretoria.

We do free onsite assessment for you!

Step 2; Count how many precast walling sections do you need to do. (Count the number of pillars and the subtract 1). All so make a note of your current precast walling pattern. Decide if you will rise your precast wall by 300mm, 600mm or 900mm. Thereafter, the extension can be planned and executed.

At Alfa Concrete walls, we have a specialist team waiting to assist you in concrete wall extensions. Our team of experts will ensure that your wall is accurately measured and your extension correctly installed.

Precast concrete extend a wall is cost effective and far cheaper than planting new concrete poles.

Alfa Wall extensions will insure peace of mind. And come in at a low concrete fencing price!

With precast concrete walls price, you can also expect to save up to 70% on walling costs, when compared to mortar and brick walling.

If you are looking for concrete wall extensions in Pretoria at an affordable rate, take the time to get in touch with us at We will ensure that your walling options are presented to you and that you are provided with access to some of the best rates on the market.

We are available via email  at and telephone 012 8091014 or Leon 082 950 1980,  to discuss your needs, requirements and available budget.

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12 units extendes 600mm. The original gray prefab motive.  

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