Brick type walls

Who wants brick walls anymore, to expensive and a big mess in your garden. At Alfa concrete walls we do not manufacture brick walls but we do have brickcrete precast concrete walls. Our products are just as beautiful as brick walls at half the price of a brick wall and without the mess and inconvenience of a brick wall. If you calculate the money you need to spend redoing your garden after building a brick wall you can spend up to 3 times more money than one of our brickcrete precast concrete walls. Express fitment is our motto. Brickcrete walls installations are fast where a brick wall installation is not that express. A brick wall can take up to 5 times longer to build than  a brickcrete wall. Express walls. We have teams all over the Gauteng area and can usually help within 14 days. Express walls. Our brickcrete precast concrete walls are coloured with imported oxides so they are very beautiful and requires no maintenance. We also build Stonefence precast concrete walls and Woodcrete precast concrete walls. We do all of the above express walls. We do plain louver precast concrete walls all the way through to brickcrete precast concrete walls, so we have a product for your budget and our eye. You can now satisfy all your walling needs in one place. We have premises in Johannesburg as well as Pretoria, so we work anywhere in Gauteng. Phone Renier now on 0829501980 for express service

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