Alfa walls are your one stop beton mure and stop nonsense expert.

Here at Alfa Concrete Walls we have a very large variety of precast walling. Our vibracrete slabs come in different sizes. Our precast panel sizes are, 1.44m x 300mm, 1.52m x 300mm and 1.55m x 300mm. Please note that the standard stop nonsense size is 1.44m x 300 or 600mm per precast concrete wall panel.

Alfa walls build quite a few stop nonsense houses per year. We do precast walling in Pretoria and we do Precast Walling in Johannesburg as well.

We have teams available to increase your precast and extend your wall height no matter if it is a vibracrete, beton mure or precast concrete wall.

Alfa concrete walls together with Exclusive walls and Alfa exclusive walls, cover the whole of Gauteng, we do Johannesburg, Pretoria, Midrand, Krugersdorp, Sandton and Centurion.

We have lots of different precast for sale, our pole and precast panel sizes is always available, phone Renier at 082 950 1980.

We at Alfa beton mure can do local is lekker sa walling anywhere in Pretoria and Pretoria North.

Phone as today for your stop nonsense house price or your extend wall height price.

So why wait we have your prefab walls, beton mure and precast walls.

Phone Renier today at 082 950 1980

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