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Alfa Beton Mure is the biggest supplier of grey precast walling in Pretoria. We do all types of stop nonsense fence around Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand and Polokwane. Alfa beton mure has the best average cost of precast walls in South Africa. We can supply and build a building with stop nonsense  anywhere East Rand, West Rand and Pretoria.

We have precast wall cement wall designs of Louver, Brick crete and Stone Crete. We have the cheapest precast walling in Gauteng at the best quality. Our factory in Johannesburg sell precast fencing around the Vaal area.

We do concrete palisade fencing also. Our concrete palisade price list 2019 is available from our Factory in Pretoria East. We do free concrete palisade quotations. Concrete palisade fence is far beter and cheaper than steel palisade fencing. We are the precast wall specialists, phone us you’re your concrete palisade fence detail. Our pricelist on concrete palisade pricing for Lenasia and Eikenhof is first class. Phone us today from Lenasia. Concrete palisade costs johannesburg is lower than that of North West or Mpumalanga. Concrete pole price and slabs in Gauteng is available online at, Precast walls.

Concrete wall and precast walling are the same thing, above use cement sand and stone, cast in a mould and then assembled on site. Concrete walling are very strong and cost effective.

Concrete walling in Gauteng; Alfa Concrete Walling erects more than 4000 Meters per month. We replace many brick walls with semi clinker precast walls in and around Pretoria. We do not do country wide walling, But we do the whole of Gauteng and the East rand with walling.

Precast concrete fencing products are sold by us for the DIY market at factory precast walling price.

Fencing cement wall structures; or stop nonsense housing is supplied by Alfa beton mure. How much is a stop nonsense for 2 room, please phone Renier on 0829501980. how much is stop nonsense slabs and pillar in Rustenburg; Please phone Alfred on 0825605438 . Low cost precast concrete house bought here, Phone us now!

It is very easy how to build a house with stop nonsense walls, come see us on how to build precast concrete wall South Africa. We will gladly show you how!

How to fix a stop nonsense wall? Easy phone us, we will help you with your broken precast wall fast and cheap. Contact Alfa precast wall at

Online pricelist is for precast wall priced per meter. Pre cast walls or pre-cast walls or precast concrete are very strong and need now paint, we can oxide your new precast wall for you. This stops the need for painting your precast wall. Precast concrete fence panels are sold loose at our factories at factory prices. Also precast concrete palisade fencing Gauteng. The precast concrete price list includes Value added tax. So the price you see is the price you pay.

Precast concrete walls wil last you more than 30 years, thus it is a very good and cost effective method of precast walling. Precast concrete walls cost is low low, phone us today! Precast concrete walls Johannesburg done and supplied by Alfa Exclusive Walls.

Precast fence and precast fencing pricing, precast houses and precast price list all available here at Alfa precast walls.

We are the extend a wall specialist, precast wall extentions are done anywhere in Gauteng. Best precast wall price in Rosslyn, pretoria North, South Africa. Precast wall pricing, Precast walling cost start from R370.00 per meter for 1.8 meter high B-Grade precast walling price installed.


Prefab walls also known as Vibra crete or stop nonsense are all normal grey precast walls.


Build it does not have a , price of stop nonsense at build it or price of stop nonsense in Builders warehouse.

We have a 5 star google review; reviews on alfa betonmure. So phone us for your Secunda pre cast walling price, new or second hand concrete wall fence and slab fencing or stop nonsense wall fence price

Stop nonsense concrete wall Tembisa done by us. Stop nonsense rooms prices available from Alfred at 0825605438, contact him for your stop nonsense wall. Also see our stop nonsense wall image on our gallery. Stop nonsense walls and stop nonsense fencing in Gauteng.


Remember we have a used concrete poles on sale in Pretoria


Used stop nonsense for sale.


Phone Renier today at 0829501980

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