Stop nonsense wall extensions

Why do people in South Africa call precast concrete walls stop nonsense? 

People in townships came up with the phrase years ago when they were fed up with crime. They told the criminals stop your nonsense and then erected precast concrete walls to keep the criminals out and enhance the security of their yards and their families. Because precast concrete walls is so fast and secure soon became a big hit in townships and it is very cost effective to. Precast concrete walls soon became a nationwide hit and a national favourite walling method from all walks of live and all the people of South Africa. There is not a person in South Africa that does not know about precast concrete walls or stop nonsense. Further if you want to make your stop nonsense wall higher it is very fast and easy to do so. With low low cost you can expressly extend your stop nonsense wall with 1, 2 or even 3 panels depending on the original height of you current precast concrete stop nonsense wall.

These days you can buy precast walls that looks like bricks(brickcrete), wood(woodcrete) and stone(stonefence). These new types of stop nonsense is all bi sided and not only on the one side of the precast concrete wall. What this means is there is no other choice but stop nonsense as it is cost effective, good security and it looks beautiful. No other walling system on the market available today can say that!

At Alfa concrete precast walls we specialise in all this and more stop nonsense walls. The biggest rang at the best prices anywhere in Gauteng. Need I say more. We boast factories in Johannesburg and Pretoria to satisfy all your precast concrete walling needs you may have.

Contact Renier on 0849552059 for all your precast concrete walling needs now.


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2019-12-01 16:14:05  
I need the price if the stop nonsense that looks like brick , and I want to know if you build stpo nonsense houses, how much and if u come around mpumalanga  

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