Ranch Rail precast walls

Alfa concrete walls offers the full range of vibracrete walls in Pretoria. We have single and double sided precast concrete walling. Single sided vibracrete walls is the old favourite and there we offer 2 and 3  louver, block brick, semi-clinker precast concrete walls. In double sided precast concrete we offer brickcrete, woodcrete and stonefence. We now have Ranch Rail precast concrete fencing that is suitable for horse stable fencing. Horse owners in Pretoria can now install a horse stable fence that offers the qualities of concrete precast  walls, it is strong and requeres no maintenance. These ranch rail vibracrete walls can be installed as a cement colour and light brown colour that looks very good. Ranch Rail offers a permanent solution to all your horse arena fencing.Please visit the following link for more info on our ranch rail horse arena fencing.


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