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Hello and welcome to our Newsletter Alfa precast walls Pretoria!

Yes, you may know us as Alfa Concrete Walls. Our company has been well known and established manufacturer and supplier of precast walls in Pretoria and surrounding areas, like Pretoria North and Centurion or even Midrand.

What you may not know, is that after a long and successful online presence that introduced thousands of our clients to our fast and efficient precast walling services and has seen hundreds of kilometres of precast walls installed in neighbourhoods in greater Pretoria, Midrand and Bronkhorstspruit and Brits area making them safe and beautiful…

 We decided it’s time to do a bit of renovation and to update of our online marketing strategy for concrete precast walling.

After all, since Alfa Concrete Walls first opened its doors, back in 1978 in the east of Pretoria, we can say with confidence that our asbestos walls stood the test of time, (long after 5 years guarantee) pretty much everything else has changed in 40 years.

Since then, we’ve succeed in becoming the largest Precast concrete walling plant in the Pretoria, Centurion and Midrand area. After over 40 years in the Precast walling industry, we firmly strive to serve existing and new customers and to see them 100% satisfied.

To achieve this goal, we proud our self’s in employing nearly 100 strong work force, organised in Precast walls materials, manufacturing poles and slabs and up with eight precast concrete wall installation teams.

Our partners, staff and employees stay loyal to us and many of them are with us almost since the beginning.

What is the update all about?

The building of precast concrete walls is no longer a new method, but it still holds the test of time and it’s still highly favoured for the benefits it provides like cost, speed of installation and security.

Home Owners with small projects, right through too large Property Developers, Insurance claims and Property Maintenance Companies chose precast walling as an affordable and fast way to fence off a property and provide stop nonsense walling for protection and privacy. Furthermore, the variety of available types, patterns and finishes makes it easy to create aesthetically pleasing, durable and virtually maintenance free (if not painted) boundaries for a house, neighbourhood and the entire area. We currently supply our precast boundary walls installation services to several sites in Pretoria north and Pretoria east for Central Development Projects, MSP and Maxwell Gordon homes. We also offer our specialist teams to you as home owner for your precast wall repair and new concrete wall installation. Because we are the largest precast wall installer in the Greater Tshwane are we offer great precast wall prices. Wall prices that will make you smile every day!

Even so we still deliver exceptional Precast Concrete products and fast efficient service, in this era of fast Information sharing, and digital engagement made us realise that we need new ways, to reach out to you and to connect with you.

Our desire is to expand the reach of our services and expertise, so we can continue to be the leader Alfa Concrete walls came known for, the first and best choice for your precast concrete walling solutions. This we believe, should secure our success in the Precast Concrete Walling Industry in the future. Hence BETAr Alfa Walls.

With BETAr Walls initiative we welcomed to our team a new member who endeavour to engage with you more frequently and provide more value on our websites and social media platforms.

So watch the space!

In a meantime here is a reminder why you should choose BETAr walls

1.    Precast concrete walls fencing is cost effective

Did you know that the average price of this type of walling is usually about a third of the price of a brick wall of the same height?

2.    Precast wall installation is quick

Each of our installation teams can install up to 35 meters per day on average, keeping an inconvenience of builders on site to a minimum.

We currently have Eight installation teams, reducing dramatically the time from quotation to installation.


3.    Precast Walls Can Quickly increase your safety and privacy of your property

Precast walling provides a safe shield from curious neighbours and a barrier from sinister criminals attempting to gain access to your prized possessions.

·         We prioritise quotations after such incidence to put you at ease and provide a peace of mind coming from knowing that the gap has been closed quickly and a wall barrier raised effectively and in brief time.

·         The height of an existing Concrete wall can be increased by and additional 300mm, 600mm or 900 mm with a precast wall extension.

This is it from us for now.

Cheers and chat soon!

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