DIY Concrete Palisade Installation


ALFA Palisade Fencing regularly gets calls for supply-only of concrete palisade fencing material.  The caller either wishing to use own labour or employ labour for the purpose.  Their motivation for wanting to follow the do-it-yourself route is to achieve cost savings.

Unfortunately the labour component in the erection of a concrete palisade is only about 7% of the total project cost, thus not leaving much flesh to cut or room for significant savings.  The bulk of the cost is in the concrete elements, fasteners and foundation concrete.

The other significant additional cost component is the transport of material.  Transport as a percentage of works cost is at least 14%, twice the labour cost, and can be much higher if the installation is a long distance from the factory.

Last but not least is the 12% VAT share on the quoted installation amount.

If you still consider doing the installation yourself also bear in mind that practice makes perfect.  ALFA’s installation teams do this line of work on a daily basis.  These guys are used to picking up 150kg palisade posts and placing them in 600mm deep foundation holes.


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