Concrete Fencing Prices list 2016 Pretoria and Randburg area

Please note these Precast concrete walls price list can change at any time, please confirm pricing by calling Leon at 082 950 1980


Alfa Concrete Walls RETAIL VAT Inc.   Price valid from 01/01/2016
SLABS Slab Price inc VAT DECO Slab Price inc VAT   Posts Plain Price inc VAT Clinker Price inc VAT  
2 & 3 Louvre  R        55,00  12"   R     80,00   .9M /3"  R      105,00  R    130,00  
Small Brick  R        55,00  24"   R   150,00   1.2M /4"  R      125,00  R    144,00  
Block Brick  R        55,00  300mm Pole   R     40,00   1.5M /5"  R      145,00  R    165,00  
Face Clinker  R        85,00  600mm Pole   R     60,00   1.8M /6"  R      170,00  R    195,00  
Double Slab  R      130,00  900mm Pole   R     80,00   2.1M /7"  R      190,00  R    215,00  
          2.4M /8"  R      210,00  R    235,00  
Height Louvre BC Beige   No Cap No Cap rail Clinker Brick Crete Stone Crete      
.9M /3"  R       305,00  R                430,00  R   515,00  R        555,00  R         625,00      
1.2M /4"  R       335,00  R                450,00  R   540,00  R        595,00  R         660,00      
1.5M /5"  R       375,00  R                490,00  R   570,00  R        625,00  R         715,00      
1.8M /6"  R       435,00  R                540,00  R   625,00  R        680,00  R         765,00      
2.1M /7"  R       475,00  R                595,00  R   670,00  R        740,00  R         825,00      
2.4M /8"  R       525,00  R                645,00  R   720,00  R        805,00  R         905,00      
2.4M /8" Palisade < 40Km R 600,00 2.4M /8" Palisade < 90Km R 685,00          
2.4M /8" Palisade < 70Km R 645,00 2.4M /8" Palisade 120 TO 200Km R 780,00     Palisade PRICE PER UNIT
Wall extension R285.00 per section 300mm       Price inc VAT  
Wall extension R330.00 per section 600mm          
Wall extension R380.00 per section 900mm     Pole  R   200,00  
      Minimum daily fee R3500.00 Beam  R     72,00  
Removal of : Wire fence-R15/m       Pre-cast wall-R40/m       Pale  R     65,00  
17/01/2016   Single brick wall R115/m     Double brick wall R155/m Per meter collected  R    464,50  

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2020-04-02 10:13:55  
Quoted me on supply and install 300m x 1.8m high concrete palisade fence at Alexander jhb  
2020-03-28 13:08:28  
I trust you are well. May you kindly quote me on the following specified items. DIAMOND RAZOR MESH – Welded razor wire mesh must be type BTO-22 or BTO-12 with mesh size of 100mm by 100mm. The panel size must be 2m by 3m. The material must be galvanized steel core wire and cold rolled spring steel. The dimensions of the core wire diameter must be 2.5mm - 2.6mm. The dimensions of the blades must have width of 11mm-12 mm. Base of the blade must be 10 mm and blade to blade distance must 22 mm. DIAMOND MESH – Diamond mesh (chain-link fencing material) shall comply with the requirements of SABS 1373. The nominal diameter of the wire shall be 2,5mm and the mesh size shall be 64mm by 64mm. The area of the mesh will vary depending on the size of the repair. The wire mesh shall be fully galvanized. RAZOR WIRE FLAT WRAP – Barbed wire shall comply with the requirements of SABS 675 shall have high tensile grade steel single strand with dimensions 3,15mm by 2,5mm be oval shaped with zinc coated wire of 2,82mm equivalent diameter. Barbs shall be manufactured from 2,0mm zinc-coated mild steel wire and shall be spaced at not more than 150mm. THREE COILED BARBED WIRE – The Barbed-tape concertina wire shall comply with the requirements of CKS 592 type A. The high tensile steel wire shall be heavily galvanized (class A), and the barbed rape and concertina clamps shall also be heavily galvanized (class Z600). The diameter of the roll be between 950mm to 700mm. WELDED MESH FLAT PANEL - The dimensions of the panel are 2,5mm wide by 2m high. The dimensions for the mesh are 50mm wide by 200mm high. The dimensions of the post are 3m by 50mm by 50mm. STEEL PALISADE - The post is 3.0m long and 600mm is slotted in the ground. The thickness of the post shall be 50mm by 50mm by 1.6mm square tubing. The dimensions for the post foundation are 600mm deep and 350mm by 350mm wide. Posts should be capped on top and base plate installed at the bottom The Posts shall be spaced at 3.0m centre to centre to the concrete foundation of 25MPa strength. The panel dimensions are 3m wide and 2,4m high. The steel palisade must be coated with red oxide and painted to the original colour.  
2019-12-01 16:13:20  
please price me om 2.4m / 2.7m high bricrete or louvre. +- 50m Krugersdorp  
2019-10-07 16:31:35  
Please quote me on 1.8x180m concrete palisade  
Mavela Nkosi
2019-08-10 14:08:43  
Order concrete Palisades 1.8m X 100m Long and installation.  
2019-08-08 05:35:15  
Please quote with delivery to Eldoradopark, Jhb South, Concrete Palisade 2.4m high,1300m 40MPa Posts 3m* 195mm* 125mm tapered to 100mm Pales 2370mm* 64mm* 115mm tapered to 100mm Rail(9pale/section) 1980mm* 80mm * 150 mm with 9* 10 holes for 8mm carriage bolts...  
2019-05-18 10:25:55  
I need to build two rooms with them please calculate the cost  
2019-05-16 13:10:46  
Please provide the price of a each meter of concrete palisade fencing of a 2.5 metres height.  
2019-04-01 12:45:24  
Good day, please quote me on a 1.8m high, standard inch of a 5m length.  
2019-03-15 08:04:26  
I need a price on precast wall for 15,3m, hight 2m We live in Pretoria Kilnerpark. Will install ourselves.  
2019-03-15 08:03:05  
I need a price on precast wall for 15,3m We live in Pretoria Kilnerpark. Will install ourselves.  
2019-02-04 16:03:44  
Greetings can i have a quotation for the following Post : 3,0m x 195mm x 125mm tapered to 100mm Pales : 2370mm x 64mm x 115mm tapered to 100mm A RAIL (9 Pales/section) 1980mm x 80mm x for 8mm carriage  
2019-01-30 07:58:20  
Please quote along with delivery to Witbank Concrete Palisade 2.4m high,1300m 40MPa Posts 3m* 195mm* 125mm tapered to 100mm Pales 2370mm* 64mm* 115mm tapered to 100mm Rail(9pale/section) 1980mm* 80mm * 150 mm with 9* 10 holes for 8mm carriage bolts  
2019-01-18 08:34:51  
hi, please let me know one meter cost of sec. fence around reservoir in Rustenburg area.(the height 2.5 metere ), supply material and construction .Thanks  

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