Completed Major Precast Walling Projects 2015

Chantelle ext 31 - Pretoria

This new suburb was completely walled on four sides with ALFA Precast walling. The project of 120 plus units took 6 months to complete, approximately 2000 meters of 6 foot plain grey concrete walling was installed. This vibra crete project was overseen by Renier Venter. Renier is qualified in all necessary Health and Safety aspects needed on site.


Oievenhoutboch ext 33 -Pretoria

This very large suburb extension was also completed with ALFA's well kown precast concrete walling product. In total 8000 meters was installed. This for sure makes us the largest pre casting company in the Greater Tshwane (Pretoria) area. No other company in the area can constantly produce and install upwards of 3000m per month. Gys Nell was the site manager for Alfa Concrete Walls on this site. Our Precast walling prices are by far the best in Pretoria when it comes to large scale projects. Please contact our office at 012 809 1014 and speak to one of our 6 sales managers.

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